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Planning Meeting July 31, 2010 – Summary of Minutes

August 27, 2010

The full board of directors met at the home of Margaret Huffman for our annual planning meeting.  In attendance were: Chuck Almdale, Lillian Johnson Almdale, Chuck Bragg, Adrian Douglas, Jean Garrett, Margaret Huffman, Chris Lord, Lu Plauzoles, Mary Prismon, Ellen Vahan (president).

The meeting was called to order at 10:15 am and adjourned at 2:35 pm, with a short break for lunch.  Dessert was served after the meeting.

After Ellen welcomed the board and thanked Margaret for her hospitality, she read the mission statement of both NAS and SMBAS:
“The National Audubon Society’s Mission is to conserve and restore natural ecosystems, focusing on birds and wildlife for the benefit of humanity and the earth’s biological diversity.

Our chapter’s particular mission is to be a center for wildlife education, habitat protection, and conservation issues that involve birds.
There was no discussion.

She also announced that David Yarnold is the new president of NAS, replacing John Flicker.

Budget for 2010/2011 fiscal year – Lillian
Income – Most of our income comes from the annual appeal.  Other income sources are our dues share from NAS (this is a fixed amount), our Beginning Birding Class, and other donations (usually in memoriam).

Beginning Birding Class will again be offered again in Feb, 2011.

Year-end Appeal – We discussed mailing the year-end appeal in September along with a copy of the full-year calendar, rather than waiting until the end of November.  Some concern was expressed about recipients putting aside the letter until year-end and then forgetting to send in a donation.  In an effort to keep chapter members informed of activities and save mailing costs, the board decided to send the letter in September.  Lillian and Ellen will head this up.

Expenses – All chapter expenses go  to supporting chapter goals for education, protection and conservation issues.

Grants to Other Organizations – Every year, the board votes on charitable organizations to support with monetary grants.  This year’s list includes:  American Bird Conservancy, Ballona Renaissance, Ballona Wetlands Audubon Education Program, Birders’ Exchange, California State Parks Foundation, Endangered Habitats League, Friends of Big Morongo, and Student Conservation Association.  (The following blog post has details about and web-links to these organizations).

UCLA Scholarships for PhD Research – We increased the number of scholarships from two to three.  We also decided to offer several small grants to the public.   Lillian will follow up on both of these items.

Evening Program Speaker Budget – Adrian requested that we increase the budget to allow additional compensation for speakers coming from outside the area.  Board approved.

Field Trips – Chuck A. led a discussion about which field trips the chapter will offer and who the trip leaders will be. (The entire calendar will be sent with the year end appeal and posted on the website:

Coastal Cleanup Saturday, Sept. 25 9am to noon – Ellen reminded the board that  SMBAS will again be heading up the annual cleanup efforts at Malibu Lagoon.  She also noted that this year recyclables will not be segregated.

Conservation – Lu and Mary

Snowy Plovers are back on So Cal Beaches – Lu informed us that  Tom Ryan hopes to get funding to study the behavior of the plovers. This would involve 2-hour shifts recording all plover activity.

Butterbredt Spring – Mary announced that Keith Axelson and Reed Tollefson sent us a letter about a pending solar project in the area.  She will try to get more details.  She also offered a big thank you to the Friends of Jawbone Canyon and the Student Conservation Association for installing “gates” across the illegal motorcycle trails around Butterbredt Spring.

Membership – Chuck B.

Membership is slightly under 800; NAS reports almost 100 more due to a difference in timing of expired memberships.

Chapter-only Membership – Chuck B will check to see how many Chapter-only members have expired and not renewed.  He has not been sending out renewal notices, but will do so after he reviews the membership data.  A chapter-only membership is $25.

Newsletter, Website and Blog – Chuck A and Chuck B

Newsletter – Chuck B is currently sending out 100 2-page imprints every other month, 5 times per year; this has cut our publication costs significantly.

Blog – Chuck A will link field trip announcements to prior year field trip reports so interested parties can get a better idea about which birds we may see on the field trip.

Articles Needed – Chuck B & Chuck A both request more articles posted to the blog on conservation and other “interesting” articles on “any” topic (i.e. birds, bird names, conservation in general, gardens for birds etc.

Programs – Adrian

Program Schedule – Adrian reported that all programs for the year are scheduled (to be included on the mailed calendar).  Speakers are: Alan Polack, Neil Losin, Kurt Leucshner, Allen Kotin, Olga Clarke, Chuck & Lillian Almdale, and Ted Cheeseman.  Adrian will follow up with the Santa Monica Mirror about announcing our meetings.  The Mirror requires a 2 month lead time.

Program Announcements – Chuck A will post  announcements on our Blog as well as on the Calbird and LA County Bird chat lines.

Program Location – Lu has again secured the Ken Edwards Center for Oct/Nov/Dec.  The Feb/March 2011 applications are due in Sept.

Meeting Time – will continue to be at 7:30 pm, 1st Tuesday of the month at KEC with dinner for the speaker before.

Native Plant Presentations – Margaret and Ellen will again do some plant presentations at the start of the evening program.
November:  When to Plant
December:  Toyon

Hospitality – Chris Lord requested that Lillian order more refreshment cups.

Native Plants – Margaret

Fall Native Plant Sale – The Calif. Native Plant Society plant sale is Oct 2/3 at the Sepulveda Garden Center.

New Business – Ellen

Younger Members – How do we get younger members and new members to join the board?  This issue was briefly discussed and tabled until a later date.

Board Contact Information – Adrian suggested that the imprint should include contact information on page 2.

Future Board Meeting Dates – 2010: 9/14, 11/9.  2011:  1/11/, 3/15, 5/17

Next Annual Planning Meeting –Summer 2011
[Lillian Johnson}

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