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Details for Sat. Mar. 12th Bird’n’Hike

March 9, 2015

Sycamore Canyon is about 23 miles north(west) of Santa Monica along Pacific Coast Highway, about 3 miles north of the LA County Line. You can drive there from Santa Monica in about 45 minutes, but allow an hour to be safe.
When: 9:00-noon Sat. March 12th (NOTE: starting later than usual to allow for fog burn-off.)
Bring: Water, snacks, maybe lunch at the end of the trail?
Wear: Hat/cap, sunscreen and layers of clothes. Temps in the high 40’s early, quickly going to the upper 70’s, maybe low 80’s. Sturdy shoes/boots recommended.
What we’ll do: Scout the campgrounds area near the beach side of the site, then walk up the road a little over a mile, possibly branching off on the Serrano Trail for another mile. Look for birds and identify plants that are in the recovering fire zone.
Where to park: turn into the inland side of PCH. The kiosk should be staffed. Parking is $12–great incentive to carpool. Turn left twice after the kiosk to the signed day-use parking lot. (past the restrooms)
Difficulty: easy, mostly flat except for the Serrano Trail which is moderate. Total mileage 3 miles return trip to Serrano Trail destination. This is a great hike for those who may want to shorten the walk, but please let me know you’re doubling back. You can easily turn back to the parking area at your discretion.
Safety warning: There is some–limited–poison oak. Easily avoided. There are a LOT of bike riders, some of them going fast. Please stay clear of the center of the road as we walk.


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Nearly three years ago a very hot fire burned this southern corner of Ventura County. It burned this entire canyon with very few spots left untouched. The last two years’ drought conditions barely greened the hills over the canyon. As you know, rain is expected this weekend. If there is more rain on Friday the 11th as predicted in the long-range forecast, we may limit the hike to the main fire road. If not, we will try to go to the quarry-like slide area on the Serrano Trail where I heard two Canyon Wrens this week. In my exploratory walk, in fact I saw more species on the Serrano trail than in the main canyon.

Weather note: Rain cancels this activity. Please check this blog the day before the hike. If rain is predicted with high probability, we will postpone a week.

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