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Evening Meeting Location Changing

November 8, 2017

Our apologies to our guests and to the speaker for last night’s meeting debacle.

The City of Santa Monica, from whom we rent our evening meeting location, closed the building down for repairs and didn’t notify us. When we arrived, the building was locked and dark with no one around. Notices on the windows informed us that food services for seniors would no longer take place there, but as we weren’t doing that, we were uncertain what it meant for us. We called our contact number, a city parks employee arrived, and we were informed that the building was closed with date of reopening unknown, but probably many months in the future. No other location could be found on such short notice, and – after eating the “meeting cookies” – we went home.

We now begin a search for a new evening meeting home, preferably in the Santa Monica area. We prefer to continue our meetings on the first Tuesday of the month, as we have done for decades, but we may have to adapt to what is available.

Anyone with knowledge or suggestions for meeting places, please contact our program chairman:
Doug Waterman: dglswtrmn [AT]

[Chuck Almdale]


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