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The Western Snowy Plover: Natural History and Recovery, with Lu Plauzoles – Evening Meeting Reminder: Tuesday, Dec. 5, 7:30 p.m.

December 1, 2017

Our meeting location is changing to Joslyn Park in
Santa Monica for the December 5 meeting only.
See directions below.

It all begins with a chick in hand. The banding of KO:BR at Eden Landing SFBO
(Karine Tokatlian, Summer 2013)

Lu Plauzoles will introduce the Michael Love-produced 45-minute film The Western Snowy Plover: Natural History and Recovery. The movie introduces you to the Snowy Plovers of University of California Coal Oil Point Reserve in Goleta – the most successful breeding colony of plovers on the Pacific Coast. The film includes an excellent introduction to the natural history of the Snowy Plovers by Dr. Cris Sandoval of UCSB and her staff. After the screening, Lu and other SMBAS volunteers will give a short report and answer questions about the Snowy Plovers on our Los Angeles County beaches. ‘Twas a banner year for us!

Lucien Plauzoles (Lu) is a 20-plus-year member of Santa Monica Bay Audubon and has served on the board for over 15 of those years. Having heard Mary Prismon’s pleas for these birds, he was trapped into the Snow Plover project in 2001 by Chuck Almdale’s L.A. County survey, and has not yet escaped its clutches. A graduate of UCLA, he holds two degrees from the venerable local big U — both non-related to the plovers.

However, he has logged extensive hours of observation, monitoring, and reporting of the “little guys,” the smallest avian species on our beaches. He has attended and participated in seven of the range-wide Snowy Plover meetings for the West Coast populations, and regularly represents the SM Chapter and other Audubon volunteers in meetings with the City of Santa Monica, the County and other agencies. He has lobbied for the exclosure (keeps unwanted people and animals out) at Santa Monica for over 10 years and also for the newer Dune Restoration project in Santa Monica, where the first recorded L.A.County nesting of the plovers in 70 years took place this past spring. He is proud to be standing behind the audience this Tuesday as both introducer and postface to the movie.

Six Snowy Plovers surround beach wrack, their favorite source of invertebrate prey. (C. Almdale 12/23/12)

LOCATION: JOSLYN PARK Auditorium, 633 Kensington Road, Santa Monica
Five blocks south of Pico Blvd., two blocks west of Lincoln Blvd.
If you’re coming from outside Santa Monica, exit the #10 Fwy at Lincoln Blvd., turn southeast, pass Pico Blvd., drive five blocks to Kensington Rd., turn right, 2 blocks southwest to where Kensington turns left and becomes Beverly Ave. Also reached from Pico via 6th St. southeast to Hollister Ave, left on Hollister, left again on Beverly Ave. to Kensington. Park wherever you can.

Link to Google Map

Meeting Room: The auditorium is in the southwest corner of the park adjacent to Kensington Rd. where it turns and become Beverly Ave.

Meetings begin at 7:30 sharp with a little business, and then our main presentation. Refreshments are served afterward. Please leave your coyotes and bobcats at home, however much they whine to come.

Parking:  We’re not familiar with parking at this location. There appears to be a small lot just west of the auditorium, but you’ll probably have to find street parking, which appears to be free after 6pm. Make sure you check the signs – don’t get a ticket! This is a mostly residential neighborhood, so parking may get tight when the locals get home from work. [Chuck Almdale]


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