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Malibu Lagoon Monthly Field Trips: Sunday, 24 February, 8:30 & 10am.

February 21, 2019

Osprey on a snag, waiting for a Jumping Mullet to jump into his mouth
(R. Ehler 1-28-18)

Still more birds than you can shake a stick at. What can I say? Birds you’ve never dreamed of! Garbled Modwit, Club-sandwich Tern, Faque’s Tourniquet, Delicious Gull, Fraculated Wigulet, Desert Island Diskette, Insignificant Sandpiper, Plaid Oysterroaster, the inimitable Glink, Western Roof-Owl (see our monograph), maybe 65 other species. A quiet beach on a quiet day. Who can complain about that? Dress in layers.

Most of January’s birds will still be with us, including: up to 22 species of passerines, 12 species of gulls & terns, 11 ducks, 8 sandpipers, 4 grebes, 4 herons & egrets, 4 raptors, 4 plovers, 3 loons, 3 doves, 3 cormorants, 2 hummingbirds and the inevitable partridge in a persimmon tree.  Come and meet them all.

Wintering male ducks: American Wigeon and Gadwall (J. Waterman 1-28-18)

Adult Walk 8:30 a.m., 4th Sunday of every month.  Beginner and experienced, 2-3 hours.  Species range from 40 in June to 60-75 during migrations and winter.  We meet at the metal-shaded viewing area (see photo below) next to the parking lot and begin walking east towards the lagoon.  We always check the offshore rocks and the ocean.  When lagoon outlet is closed we continue east around the lagoon to Adamson House.  We put out special effort to make our monthly Malibu Lagoon walks attractive to first-time and beginning birdwatchers.  So please, if you are at all worried about coming on a trip and embarrassing yourself because of all the experts, we remember our first trips too.  Someone showed us the birds; now it’s our turn.

Children and Parents Walk 10:00 a.m., 4th Sunday of every month.   One hour session, meeting at the metal-shaded viewing area between parking lot and channel.  We start at 10:00 for a shorter walk and to allow time for families to get it together on a sleepy Sunday morning.  Our leaders are experienced with kids so please bring them to the beach!  We have an ample supply of binoculars that children can use without striking terror into their parents.  We want to see families enjoying nature. (If you have a Scout Troop or other group of more than seven people, you must call Jean (310-472-7209) to make sure we have enough binoculars and docents.)

Heermann’s Gull already in breeding (alternate) plumage (J. Waterman 1-28-18)

Map to Meeting Place
Directions: Malibu Lagoon is at the intersection of Pacific Coast Highway and Cross Creek Road, west of Malibu Pier and the bridge.  Look around for people wearing binoculars.
Parking: Parking machine recently installed in the lagoon lot: 1 hr $3; 2 hrs $6; 3 hrs $9, all day $12 ($11 seniors); credit cards accepted. Annual passes accepted. You may also park (read the signs carefully) either along PCH west of Cross Creek Road, on Cross Creek Road, or on Civic Center Way north (inland) of the shopping center.  Lagoon parking in shopping center lots is not permitted.

Prior checklists:
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[Chuck Almdale]




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  1. February 21, 2019 11:11 am

    I am a new birder and would love to go on your Sunday morning bird walks but they clash with Church services. Could you consider having one a month on a Saturday?


    • Chukar permalink*
      February 21, 2019 1:32 pm

      Dr. Love: We DO have a monthly trip on Saturdays, nearly always the 2nd Sat. of the month! They go to different places every month. Our last one was Feb 9 to Sepulveda Basin (trip report is on the blog.) Our next is Mar. 9, currently scheduled to go to Sycamore Canyon; however the trip leader is checking out the canyon to see if it suffered too much fire damage last fall to make it worth while to go there. If fire-damaged, we’ll go somewhere else, yet to be determined!

      Our Sunday morning walk is a chapter tradition, about 30 years long now, and we’re not changing it. When I attended church weekly (now over a decade into the past), I skipped it once a month for the field trip. Of course, I was leading the trip, so it was either lead it or go to church. I rationalized it by telling myself “God is everywhere, including the lagoon,” so off I went.

      We hope you can make it.
      Chuck Almdale


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