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Two SMBAS Zoom Programs now On-line | NE Brazil Birds; Vultures, Condors & Raptor Migration

November 4, 2021

[Posted by Chuck Almdale]

Two recent evening programs by Santa Monica Bay Audubon Society are now available on-line. They are not on this blogsite, but on our Zoom site located somewhere within that nebulous “cloud,” reportedly part of the Lesser Magellanic Cloud. Links and descriptions below.

Copy the appropriate passcode below, then after you click on the link(s) you want, paste the passcode into the appropriate box, and voilà, you’re in! What could be more simple?

Birds of Northeast Brazil & the Atlantic Forest, with Charles Bragg
Program date: 5 Oct 2021
Access Passcode: 7#P8d^y&
Link to program:

The recording started about 20 minutes late, 36 minutes remaining. Q&A at the end.

Chuck Bragg has been a member of SMBAS since 1976. He has been, at various times, a board member and officer of SMBAS. He has led a particularly interesting life, but that’s another story.

More importantly, he enjoys being a birder and bird photographer. In January 2020 he went on a long-planned birding trip to northeast Brazil, sneaking it in just before COVID-19 began to shut down exotic excursions. What comes to most people’s minds when thinking about Brazil is Amazonia or the Pantanal, but Northeast Brazil contains a wider variety of habitats than the better-known regions. There are desert, mangrove coastline, scrubland, mountains, forests and rainforests – the variety is the attraction. NE Brazil has a lot of endemics – on this trip we saw a manakin that was not even discovered until 1996, and a macaw where the wild population was only found in 1978 (and got pictures of both!).

Turkey Vultures, California Condors, and the Migration of Raptors Through the Desert, with Kurt Leuschner
Program date: 1 Jun 2021
Access Passcode: R8M=UY*W
Link to Zoom program:

Recording time: 69 min. Q&A at the end.

Each Fall and Spring the desert comes alive with migrating birds.  Turkey Vultures are one of the earliest and most interesting of these migrants.  Where are they going and what special habits and traits set Turkey Vultures apart from other migrating raptors?  Are they really raptors or scavengers or both?  Many of the secrets about Turkey Vultures, California Condors, and the migration of birds will be unveiled in this presentation.

Kurt Leuschner is a Professor of Natural Resources at College of the Desert where he teaches courses on Conservation, Entomology, Field Ornithology, Native Plants, and GPS Navigation. Kurt also teaches weekend courses and workshops on birdwatching, insects, GPS, and backyard habitats for UCR Extension, the Desert Institute, the Desert Studies Center, and the Living Desert. His latest research project involves the sound recording of the various subspecies of North American Scrub-Jays.

In 2009 Kurt finished the Palms to Pines Birding and Nature Trail map, a two-year project, which details the ten best birding and hiking locations in and around the Coachella Valley. He gave a program about the map to SMBAS in February, 2010.

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