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Malibu Lagoon trip is a go: Sunday, 22 Jan. 2023

January 20, 2023

Link to prior announcement here: /2023/01/11/malibu-lagoon-monthly-field-trip-sunday-22-january-2023/.

We still have a few spaces open. Send your reservation to Chuck: click here [not to the blog, please.]

…and thanks to all the little people for voting me your leader! (Ray Juncosa 01-23-22)


  • Bring your mask. You may want to wear it at least during the first 30-45 minutes when the group is more compact and crowded.
  • If you feel sick, stay home and isolate.
  • If you have been around anyone who has tested positive for Covid-19, or who is experiencing Covid-19 symptoms, please be considerate of others, and stay home.
  • Latest Covid data (weekly) LA county per week: (Who knows? The linked site is almost useless. Got a better one?)

National Weather Service predicts: Sunny, 82% clear, 47° to 58°, northeast wind 8 mph.
High tide of 6.81 ft. is at 8:58 am! Trailing edge of the King Tide. Low tide -1.83 ft. at 4:18 pm.
As a group we will saunter, not race, to the beach as it will be inundated at high tide. Best to wait a while for it to drop. I heard on the news yesterday that due to unpredicted factors (winds, storms, your uncle’s trick knee) the high could easily be over 7 ft.

To reiterate a few rules:

  • If I checked your Covid card last month, I won’t check it again.
  • For all others, bring your covid vax card. Yes, I have a list.
  • Trip has a few openings. Send me an email if you want to be on it.
  • Email to Chuck: [PLEASE – not to the blog]
  • Masks are not required but are appreciated.
  • Temperature likely to be in mid-to-high 60’s.
  • It will be, as one birder succinctly commented in 1452: “A courerete of cootys!” 
Belted Kingfisher at Malibu Lagoon (L. Loeher 01-10-19)
Do you think this a male or female?

The prior rules, still in force

  • Registration required, max. 30 people. No drop-ins, please.
  • Bring your Covid-19 Vaccination Record Card and a photo ID card. They will be checked. If you do not have two shots and a booster (preferably three boosters) recorded on your card, you must wear a mask while you are with the group.
  • If we checked your Covid card last month, we won’t check it this month.
  • Bring your own binoculars.
  • All Field Trips are designed to maximize your safety, while also enjoying birds. CDC Guidelines are followed. Participants are encouraged to observe safe distancing, and face coverings are required for those who are not fully vaccinated (2 shots + booster) for Covid-19.
  • Participation in social activities, such as field trips, comes with an inherent risk of exposure to infectious disease. Prospective participants should self-evaluate or discuss with their doctor if their participation merits this risk. If you’re sick or experiencing any symptoms that indicate you might be sick, STAY HOME.
  • The 10am Children & Parents Walk is NOT reinstated. Not yet, anyway.
  • For general questions or help registering, contact Chuck:
  • Additional information on our permanent Covid-19 blog page:
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