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COVID-19 Update All visitors (age 12+) on SMBAS field trips must provide proof of full WHO-approved vaccination

SMBAS is considering reopening field trips starting with the March 2022 Malibu Lagoon trip after two years of pandemic hiatus.
The following rules will be in effect:

  • Registration required, max. 25 people. Register to the trip leader given in the trip announcement. For Malibu Lagoon trips, contact Chuck:
  • Feel free to wear a mask even if it’s not required.
  • Bring your Covid-19 Vaccination Record Card and a photo ID card. They will be checked. If you do not have two shots and a booster recorded on your card, you must wear a mask while you are with the group.
  • Bring your own binoculars and telescope. Sharing of equipment not recommended, do so at your own risk.
  • All Field Trips are designed to maximize your safety, while also enjoying birds. CDC Guidelines are followed. Participants are encouraged to observe safe distancing, and face coverings are required for those who are not fully vaccinated (2 shots + booster) for Covid-19.
  • Participation in social activities, such as field trips, comes with an inherent risk of exposure to infectious disease. Prospective participants should self-evaluate or discuss with their doctor if their participation merits this risk. If you’re sick or experiencing any symptoms that indicate you might be sick, STAY HOME.
  • The 10am Children & Parents Walk is NOT reinstated.
  • For general questions or help registering, contact Chuck:

PLEASE NOTE: Because of Covid-19, we require advance registration and are limiting the size of trips. Some trips require masks; but you are always welcome to wear a mask, even if it’s not required.
Our trips are free except for any park entrance or parking fees. Advance registration is required. Register with the trip leader. For most trips, registration will open two weeks before the trip date and close a few days before the trip.  We are currently limiting the size of trips to allow for social distancing; no drop-ins, please.   

Thank you for your flexibility in helping us ensure that everyone remains healthy!

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