Join us for our annual Halloween Campout!

We few! We carven few! We group of gourds! (R. Seidner 11/3/12)

We few! We carven few!
We gathering of gourds!
(R. Seidner 11/3/12)

Travel will be on graded dirt roads. Birds we hope to see are the typical desert species (Golden Eagle, Bell’s Sparrow, etc.) and fall migrants such as (we hope) large flocks of Pinyon Jays. Bring a pumpkin for the annual Carving Exhibition and Ghostly Tree Display. Bring food for the trip, water for cooking and washing and warm clothing for the desert night. Don’t leave Mojave without filling up on gas.

Some of the great birds from prior trips were:  California Quail, Cooper’s Hawk. Wilson’s Snipe, Greater Roadrunner, Western Screech Owl, Hooty Hoot Owl, Williamson’s Sapsucker, Amorphous Sniggler, Pinyon Jay,  Rock, Bewick’s & Cactus Wrens, Rafter Bat, Western Bluebird, Wang-dang Doodlebird, California & LeConte’s Thrashers, Loggerhead Shrike, Cedar Waxwing, Bell’s (prev. Sage) Sparrow, Pine Siskin, Chukar, and Frumious Bandersnatch.

Prior Trip Reports:  October 2016October 2013November 2012October 2009

Family guide: great fun for children over 10. In fact, we encourage families to attend this camping trip. We have been invited to stay at Sageland Ranch, former home of Keith Axelson. There will be camping space for all, but please bring food for the trip, enough water for cooking and washing, and some firewood would be greatly appreciated too. You can cook on the main campfire or on one of the barbecues. Dress in layers; nights can be chilly.

Lys Axelson adds: water for plumbing is under repair. You should be prepared for primitive (i.e. shovel and TP) conditions. Also, if you want to BBQ bring charcoal.

Leader: Jean Garret (310-472-7209) & Mary Prismon
Please let Jean know if you are coming so she knows whom to expect.  Some people may go up Friday night and camp at Sageland Ranch.

The rock admiration society (R. Seidner 11/3/12)

The Rock Admiration Society, Kelso Valley Chapter (R. Seidner 11/3/12)

Directions: From Santa Monica: take the San Diego Freeway north to Highway 14 which goes east and then north to the Antelope Valley. From Mojave continue on Highway 14 about 20 miles to the Jawbone Canyon turnoff. Take Jawbone Rd. for 6.2 miles and take the right fork. Go another 5.7 miles to the Butterbredt Sign, turn right and go another 0.9 miles to the spring. Travel time is about 2½ – 3 hours from Santa Monica. Usual meeting time at the spring is 8:30 a.m. Leave your name and telephone number with the contact person in case of cancellation due to bad weather. If you have an FRS radio, bring it along tuned to Channel 11, privacy channel 22.

Map to meeting place and probable route
Hint: Switch to “Satellite” and zoom in to see close up of Butterbredt Spring.
[Chuck Almdale]