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Special Features

This page acts as connection to our Special Features.

Use the above drop-down menu above to access the following:

The Tongva – A three-part article about one of the local tribes of First Americans.

Bird Locating – How to get others onto that bird you’re looking at.

Birding Information Pages – A collection of printable information sheets such as: distinguishing Short-billed from Long-billed Dowitcher, Loons, Empidonax flycatchers, mnemonics for bird songs, and many others.

California Birding Festivals – A list of the known bird festivals in California, some of which have taken place for over 20 years.

Lagoon Bird Photos – Unusual birds at the lagoon.

Malibu Lagoon 2012-13 Reconfiguration Project – We lost the footbridges and gained a larger channel and cleaner water. The gory details with three sub-pages: Bird Census Summaries; Films, Interviews and Document Links; the Winter Ramp – Summer Clock people always wonder about.

Los Angeles County Birding Spots – A googolplex of information on finding birds in Los Angeles County, from how to avoid being run over while crossing the street, to strange doves, parrots & munias, and on to dozens of birding locations, broken down into six regions.

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