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Thanks to contributions from various birders, we have begun a collection of useful documents which you can download and print.  Name and date of contributor appear in parentheses following each document.
Adobe PDF files:  Single click on title below to open it in a new tab, then select print options. Some are in landscape, some in portrait; check before printing. When done, change or close tab to return to this page.

Contributions welcome!  If you’ve created similar documents, email them to us at: misclists [AT] verizon [DOT] net.
PDF file preferred. Tell us whom to credit and date, if available. If sending a MS Word or Excel document, include info. on version, font size and style.

Dowitchers non-breeding (Cin-Ty Lee & Andrew Burch 2005; C.Almdale summary)
Flycatchers – Empidonax of Southern California (Wanda Dameron Jun’14)
Flycatchers – Empiconax no bills (same as above without drawings)
Gulls of Southern California 2 sheets (Hal & Nancy Spear Feb’91)
Hummingbird Females of Arizona (Wanda Dameron Jun’14)
Hummingbird Females of California & Arizona (Wanda Dameron Jun’14)
Longspurs (Wanda Dameron Jun’14)
Loons in Winter (Wanda Dameron Jun’14)
Oystercatcher American X Black Hybrids Jehl Scale (C. Almdale Mar’20) 1 page  2 pages doubleside
Thrashers (Wanda Dameron Jun’14)
Thrushes (Wanda Dameron Jun’14)
Warblers – Western (Wanda Dameron Jun’14)

California Bird List @ July’14 CBRC  (Cal. Bird Records Com & W.Dameron July’14)
Los Angeles County Bird List Scientific Sequence  (Kimball Garrett Aug’14)
Los Angeles County Bird List by Habitat (Kimball Garrett & W.Dameron Aug’14)
The Avifauna of Los Angeles County (non-checklist format) Kimball Garrett Mar’17

Bird Songs – Phonetic Mnemonics (Wanda Dameron Jun’14)
CA Rare Bird Synopsis (Feb’12) of Date & Locations (Wanda Dameron Jun’14)
How to Use Binoculars (Print as letter, portrait)(Portland Metro – James Davis 2010)
L.A. County Birds – Potential New Species K.Garrett Nov’13 (W. Dameron Jun’14)
Shorebird arrival dates for June in SoCal (Ron Thorn) (Wanda Dameron Jun’14)
Snowy Plover- Protection Rules & Guidelines (Print as letter, portrait)(CS Parks’02)

Sibley Quick Index Aalphabetical for 2014 2nd Edition (Wanda Dameron Jun’14)
Sibley Quick Index by Habitat for 2014 2nd Edition (Wanda Dameron Jun’14)
Shorebirds Quick Index for ABA Birds Hayman, Marchant & Prater 1986 (Wanda Dameron Jun’14)

[Chuck Almdale]

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  1. August 26, 2014 6:13 pm

    Fantastic page Chuck. Thanks for providing this as a resource.


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