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Coastal Cleanup Report – Malibu Lagoon Saturday 9/19/09

September 19, 2009

This must be about the 20th year that members of our chapter have collected trash at the lagoon for the annual Coastal Cleanup Day, but no one seems to have kept a record, other than in our increasingly shoddy memories. More people than ever came: were you one of them? If so, congratulations and thank you.
Altogether we had 67 volunteers collecting 55 bags of trashy trash totalling 195 lbs and 20 bags of recyclable trash totalling 47 lbs. This included 1300 cigarette butts (I thought everyone had quit smoking by now; I guess not), more tiny pieces of styrofoam than any sane person would want to see, a baby stroller, a lovely straw Easter bonnet and a boogie board. I fished the bonnet out myself, using a swimming pool net on a pole extended to full length, standing outside the footbridge railing leaning out as far as I could while someone held onto me by my belt. The fun never stops!

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