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Native Plants and Valentine Flowers

February 9, 2010

Margaret Huffman and I had some thoughts for Saint Valentine’s Day….. Should you give some flowers or plants to someone you care about, do you actually know what you are saying ?

A posy with roses is always welcome, although stick with red for passion as pink is sort of so so and means grace

Tulips have a fascinating history (remember Tulipmania of 1637 when hybrid tulips were used as currency and even quoted on the stock market – sort of the tech bubble of their day ?) And the meaning is perfect lover or fame..

Carnations run the gamut of meaning by color – red is fascination and yellow is rejection and lots of meanings in between

Geraniums are not a good idea as they represent stupidity, folly and / or comfort

and from the local garden:

Agapanthus means love letters and love – especially if you are a snail

Cactus means endurance and warmth

Fennel – our roadside grower –  is strength and praise

Foxglove is insincerity (as well as digitalis and toxicity)

Lavender is devotion, happiness, luck

Mint is virtue, warmth, protection

Parsley is festivity and thanks (?)

Rosemary is remembrance and devotion

So happy St. Valentine’s Day – and maybe give candy ?

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