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Pelicans and other Birds in the News

April 28, 2011

In our blog on the Malibu Lagoon 4/24/11 field trip, we noted that there were 740 Brown Pelicans resting at the lagoon. This was 110 more than our previous high count of 630 on 5/27/07, but we didn’t know why so many were there. This phenomenon is larger than the lagoon, and others are wondering as well.   [Chuck Almdale]

Buzz rising over local pelican population
San Diego Union; Tues., 4/26/11. Matthew T. Hall
Thanks to alert reader Muriel Kotin for sending this to us.

Pelican population soaring in San Diego
San Diego Union; Tues., 4/26/11. Matthew T. Hall

Here’s an article from March, 2010 which may turn out to have some bearing
Brown Pelicans washing up dead and dying on California beaches
Great-Western-Pacific Coastal Post; Weds., 3/31/10. Paul Rogers

Elsewhere in the news.
News in Brief: Colorful duck bills hint at sperm quality.
From Science News Online 4/21/11.

The eyespots have it after all
New experiments may reconcile conflicting views regarding what makes a peacock’s plumage attractive to females.
From Science News Online 4/27/11.

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