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Birding TV Show & Bird Articles from “Science News”

December 3, 2009

Birding Adventures is a new show broadcast locally by Fox Sports West (and FSN West HD) at Saturday, 7:30 a.m. For us in the north San Fernando Valley with DirecTV, that’s channel 652 but check your local listings for your area and provider. If you don’t have either cable or satellite TV, you probably can’t receive it. During each 30-minute show host James Currie focuses on a different locale and “target bird,” but they get in plenty of other birds, non-birds, and local culture. So far we’ve seen: Island Scrub Jay, California Condor and Yellow-billed Magpie (California), Sun Parakeet and Guinan Cock-of-the-Rock (Guiana), and Black-crowned Antpitta (Panama). Coming up, I don’t know when, they’ll be in Suriname looking for Ornate Hawk-Eagle, Gray-winged Trumpeter (one of my favorite SoAmer birds) and Black Curassow. Set your electronic robot to record it. The show’s website is:

And now for some magazine articles:

Birds’ eyes, not beaks, sense magnetic fields
A new study pinpoints migratory songbirds’ magnetic compass in a specific brain region.
From Science News Online 10/29/09

Macaws bred far from tropics during pre-Columbian times

Colorful birds possibly raised for ceremonial and trade purposes long before Spanish arrival.
From Science News Online 11/7/09

Penguin DNA evolving faster than thought
Comparing the DNA in modern birds to that in ancient generations shows molecular evolution happens at varying rates, and that each species has its own rate of evolution.
From Science News Online 11/18/09


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