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Notice about Blog Emails

August 10, 2010

Dear SMBAS blog email recipients:

From time to time this WordPress blog program makes weird errors. If you recently received a reminder notice about the May 23 Malibu Lagoon birdwalk, ignore it. I have no idea why the blogsite generated a re-send of this old message. I have no idea how to correct this sort of program error nor how to make sure it never happens again. If anyone out there does know, feel free to tell me, because I haven’t got a clue.

Rule of thumb from now on.
If you get what looks like an old, out-of-date message, that’s probably exactly what it is. Ignore it. It’s just this blog program “burping” again. What seems really bizarre to me is that some people got this latest goof, and some (like me) did not.

Our normal messages concerning field trips and programs are: announcements and reminders prior to the trip and a trip report not long (we hope!) afterwards.

Have no fear: our regular 4th Sunday of the month Malibu Lagoon trip will proceed as scheduled on 8/22. The reminder notice is scheduled to go out on 8/15. I try to get the reminders out about a week ahead of time.

So…sorry about that. Sometimes this program just does what it ‘feels like’ doing. Let’s hope it doesn’t morph into SkyNet (as in Terminator 3).  [Chuck Almdale]


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