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Snowy Plover Update for northern Los Angeles County

November 15, 2010

The following message appeared on LACountyBirds on Sunday, Nov. 14, 2010. As a recent field trip report refers to the absence of Snowy Plovers at Malibu during our regular 4th Sunday of the month Malibu Lagoon birdwalk, I thought I’d share this with everyone, as you may not be a subscriber to the LACoBirds web chat. [Want to sign up? Read this.]        [Chuck Almdale]

It does appear that only a few snowy plovers were observed at Malibu Lagoon between October 23 and November 10. The good news: we surveyed the three northern roosts at Zuma, Malibu Lagoon and Santa Monica, using the snowy plover survey protocol, on Friday (11/12/10) and found 143 snowy plovers among the three roosts, including 47 at Malibu Lagoon. For comparison we found 162 at these three roosts in October and 134 in September. We have observed large roosts relocate in the past and have noted that in some years, most birds remain at the main roost sites, and in other years they are more scattered. We haven’t come up with any definitive reason or observed anything out of the ordinary that might have caused the temporary relocation.

If anyone is interested, we are going to hold our annual Snowy Plover volunteer training on Saturday, January 8, 2011. If you are interested in becoming an LA County Snowy Plover monitor or docent, please contact Stacey Vigallon at LA Audubon off the listserv at ( We expect the USFWS winter window survey to be during the second week of January next year, followed by surveys in March, May, and September.      [Thomas Ryan]


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