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Barbara Courtois Memorial Page

September 3, 2011

Barbara Courtois 1935 - 2011

I had the privilege to know Barbara since the mid 1990s through her work/volunteerism with the Ballona  Audubon Education Program.  In addition to the education program, Barbara was involved with Snowy Plover and Least Tern censusing along our local coast.  She also spent several years doing California Gnatcatcher Surveys around Southern California.  Barbara was ever the educator and will be missed by the docents at Ballona, who turned to her to answer all questions bird related.

We pass allong this message from Patrick Tyrrell at Friends of Ballona on to all who knew Barbara Courtois.[Lillian Johnson}

Lisa Fimiani wrote a lovely article in honor of Barbara Courtois.

We’ve also put together a photo gallery – you can watch the slideshow at the bottom of the page, or you can see all of the photos on our Flickr page here:

If you have a story or memory you’d like to share, please leave a comment on the page.  Stories, quotes, fun facts, etc. about this wonderful person – whatever comes to mind when you think about Barbara.  We thought it would be great to collect all of our memories of her in once place.  If it’s easier, you can send your remembrances to me and I’ll be happy to add them to the page.

Patrick Tyrrell
Friends of Ballona Wetlands

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  1. September 3, 2011 2:22 pm

    Barbara’s shared leadership with Cindy Hardin of the Audubon/Ballona School Program continues to inspire me as a relative newcomer to this top notch outdoor education experience for elementary students.
    Barbara was a fantastic birder and a gifted communicator of her knowledge and love of birds to thousands of children in the 20 years of her involvement with outdoor education.
    Every time I saw what was for me a new bird I called her up or ran to talk about it with her if we were at the wetlands. Her enthusiasm for my ‘new’ discovery was always genuine.
    For me there will be a huge void as we begin the training and tours this fall.
    I am heartened, though, that there are many competent and caring volunteers involved in this program to carry on Barbara’s legacy.


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