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Bird News Roundup

July 7, 2012

Lead is a Threat to Condors
Study says main source of toxic metal is hunter’s bullets.
[This should not be news, but apparently it is.]
From:   Los Angeles Times Online 6/26/12,0,4816457.story

Letter to the editor on the above article – 7/1/12,0,4497722.story

Muscovy sex notes
When the mood strikes a male Muscovy duck, the corkscrew-shaped embodiment of its excitement shoots to a fully extended 8-plus inches in just 0.36 second.   The corresponding female organ is also corkscrewed – but in the opposite direction.
From:    Discover Magazine, June 2012, 20 Things You Didn’t Know About Sex, by Gregory Mone.

A Murmuration of Starlings above Great Britain

Two-minute video of birds dancing in the twilight

How to Be a Better Birder by Derek Lovich, Princeton University Press
Two Book Reviews, read them both if this book sounds interesting to you.

Two Puffin Live Cameras on Seal Island
Take a virtual trip to Seal Island–20 miles off the coast of Maine–where Audubon�s VP of Seabird Restoration, Steve Kress, and his team are successfully restoring Atlantic Puffin breeding colonies. Watch these captivating birds as they socialize and catch some rays along with Razorbills, Black Guillemots and more, on the Loafing Ledge cam:

The Puffin Burrow cam takes you down into a rocky burrow, where dutiful parents are caring for a newly hatched chick. Thanks to infrared technology, you can check in on the family around the clock:
[Chuck Almdale]

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