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October 3, 2012

Peacocks ruffle feathers, make a rumble
New recordings reveal that male birds use infrasound, emitting low-pitch sounds detected by peers but inaudible to human ears
From Science News Online – 6/19/12

Lead poisoning stymies condor recovery
California’s iconic comeback species may need human help as long as even a small percentage of the carcasses they eat contain lead shot.
From Science News Online – 6/27/12

All dinosaurs may have had feathers
Well-preserved fossil sports long, fine plumage and a bushy tail.
From Science News Online – 7/3/12

Not your typical pterosaur
A beautifully preserved fossil from Germany displays a wing unlike any ever seen.
From Science News Online – 7/10/12

Bumblebees navigate new turf without a map
The insects can quickly calculate the best route between flowers.
From Science News Online – 9/21/12

Birds catching malaria in Alaska
The mosquito-spread disease may be transmitted north of the Arctic Circle as climate shifts.
From Science News Online – 9/22/12

Feather finds hint at Neandertal art
Plumage found at ancient sites may indicate capability for abstract thought among humans’ Stone Age cousins.
From Science News Online – 9/25/12
[Chuck Almdale]

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