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Plover Month at National Audubon

October 22, 2012

In honor of Plover Month at National Audubon, we have created a new blog page devoted to Snowy Plovers. So far it features a multi-part article, updated since originally published in Malibu Patch last summer.

California Audubon is embarking on the Bird of the Year campaign again.  This year, Western Snowy Plover is one of the candidates, and we hope all of you will vote for it as the Audubon Bird of the Year.  Vote early and often!

California Audubon has put together a blog post about the Snowy Plover which features a video they just put together. Help us get the word out about protecting the Western Snowy Plover and its habitat!  This blog includes many great links, including: National Audubon’s plover page, a video about the Bird of the Year campaign, and dozens more.

We are putting a permanent link to this blog in our Audubon Links section on the right side of the blog. Look for it!
[Chuck Almdale]

Western Snowy Plover NO:WW, banded at Vandenberg AFB Summer 2009; wintering on Surfrider Beach (C. Almdale 11/22/09)


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