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Washington is NOT helping the birds!

May 15, 2013

We have received and read a small storm of articles in the past five days that tell us the same sad story. The Department of Interior in this Administration seems to value wind energy investment more than the life of birds–even that of the California Condor and Bald and Golden Eagles!

So much effort and money has been spent helping those birds avert extinction, yet non-enforcement and deregulation by exception seem to rule in the current Administration. Here are two  links recently posted on the American Bird Conservancy alert: 

There was also a companion video link:

Another regulatory exception was announced for Tejon Ranch’s planned development of thousands of homes between L.A. and Bakersfield as noted in the Los Angeles Times on Sunday.,0,1790222.story

This is probably of much lesser threat than existing and future wind farms in the Tehachepi Mountains.

We are preparing a chapter response to be filed with the US Fish and Wildlife Service within the week.

Lu Plauzoles, Co-chair Conservation

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