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Puffins! Live! and other Wildlife Cameras

July 14, 2013

 Puffins were the first birds ever to capture my interest. Starting at age 10, I collected postage stamps for a couple of years, and my favorites were a series of puffin stamps issued by the short-lived independent nation of Puffin Island, which in reality was a small islet somewhere off the coast of England.  Apparently its independence lasted just long enough to run off a load of stamps before the British government landed a boat and shut them down.  Their validity as true postage stamps was a bit “dodgy” as the Brits might say, but they were lovely portraits of beautiful birds.  Alas, long since gone, as is the nation which issued them.

However, you can see live Atlantic Puffins right now, in the comfort of your very own home as they cavort on the rocks of Seal Island National Wildlife Refuge off the coast of Maine, accompanied, of course, by their friends the terns.  There are a few decoys in the bunch which will never move, and occasionally the camera freezes up. Be patient, or re-load the site, and you will be rewarded.!/live-cams/player/puffin-loafing-ledge-cam

What’s more, you can see one fuzzball puffin chick, doodling about in it’s burrow, waiting for the occasional feeding from a parent.!/live-cams/player/puffin-burrow-cam

If for some reason those links don’t work for you – they occasionally go wonky – here’s the main Audubon page for all their live cams. I counted 51 different cams.!/live-cams/player

Now go and while away the hours.
[Chuck Almdale]

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