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Twofer: Malibu Lagoon Underwater Film & Local Mountain Lion

August 29, 2013

You’ll be surprised at how much life is swimming and crawling around under the lagoon’s surface.
Shot 8/12/13 with an underwater camera attached to a pole and lowered from a rowboat. The single location looks to be near or within the snag sitting in the water near the covered viewing area.
Now posted on the EcoMalibu website.

Steve Woodzy of TheRealMalibu411 comments:
Interestingly , you can detect a slight current even though the surface is glassy and devoid of wind . Circulation is occurring even without the afternoon prevailing wind pushing the surface water into the main channel., Can the millions of fish, crabs and Shrimp swimming around cause a current ?

Meanwhile, the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area has posted on their FaceBook page, a photo of a mountain lion on top of a deer. The photo was reportedly taken Sunday morning, 8/22/13, on western Mulholland Hwy!

Ranger Kate K. comments:  This is P-23, a young female who has recently dispersed from mom. Of the 400+ kills our biologists have hiked in on, this is the only one they’ve seen right on a road, so it’s quite a rare sight! She dragged the deer into the dense brush shortly after this photo was taken for a little more privacy. Thanks to Irv Nilsen for taking this amazing shot early Sunday a.m. Contrary to some reports, this was a remote section of Mulholland Hwy and not near the Rock Store or homes.     [Chuck Almdale]

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