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Creatures from the Green Lagoon

September 30, 2013

EcoMalibu has now posted four films of the underwater life in the new channel.  Fish, both in singletons and in schools, crabs, shrimp-like things  – perhaps amphipods – and other stuff utterly alien to me, all swimming, floating or crawling around and through the algae under the water.

1. Aug. 7, 2013 Length 1:48 minutes
2. Aug. 12, 2013 Length 9:20 minutes
3. Aug. 26, 2013 Length 3:53 minutes
4. Sep. 9, 2013 Length 4:55 minutes

Link to EcoMalibu video page. Dragonfly videos, interviews and much more. Also a ton of information on the history of the lagoon and surrounding area.

Meanwhile, above the water, the Sierra Club Trail Crew did a third Saturday of weeding.  This time we worked over the area between the parking lot and the main lagoon towards the PCH bridge.  Some of the workers, including SMBAS member and permanant Trail Crewite Jim Kenney, made heavy inroads into thinning out the Mulefat between the path and the channel.  A few others, including SMBAS member Mary Prismon and yours truly, pulled, dug, and pried out St. Augustine grass and ‘devilweed’ from the area alongside the brush bordering PCH.  Based on this exercise, St. Augustine, in my book, has got a lot to answer for.
[Chuck Almdale]

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