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Are all (you) birders happy?

July 15, 2014

Last month, I was birding on a lonely 2-lane road near the south fork of the Kaweah River, just south of Sequoia National Park. It was early evening and I was passed by a tall energetic local woman out for her evening walk. She paused to talk birding for a minute, and as she marched on, she noted that every birder she has ever seen seems to be smiling. “Is it true that you are all happy when you’re birding?” she asked.

Well, we want to test that theory locally. Every summer your Board gathers for a planning meeting and one of the main topics is The List of field trips to be made available to all of you members and any others who may want to join us in the great outdoors. Often various board members give reason A or reason B for adding or changing The List or date of sites where a number of us will be meeting on a chilly Saturday morning months hence.

However, should this be the decision of only 12 people, no matter how experienced?

The Board would like to hear/read your spirited suggestions. What trip(s) did you love? Should it have been at another season? What trip was a waste of your precious time? How far are you willing to drive/carpool in this age of $4 carbon-conscious gasoline? What day of the week is best? What birds and habitats would you like to discover?

Our Malibu Lagoon walks are pretty much “set in stone” on the fourth Sunday of every month. We also schedule up to 15 other field trips each year. Most of these are on the second Saturday of the month; occasionally they may be on a different Saturday or on a Sunday. A few may be led by members of other chapters or organizations.

This blog is the ideal town square to post your thoughts. We live within reach of a  great diversity of habitats and birds. You have time to think. The List will not be decided until the 20th of July.

I hope we hear from you soon.

Lu Plauzoles

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