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Quick! I don’t know how long this offer lasts

August 31, 2014

The developers who promote, polish and prepare the Audubon Apps for those who have smart phones, iPads, and other such devices, are having a Labor Day weekend sale at 99cents per app. these are not “the definitive” bird app nor The Illustrator’s best. They are very good, recent, photo-illustrated apps. Much better than the last edition extant of the Audubon (photo-illustrated) book versions. I like them better than iBird Pro. In addition, I’ve found they have a good library of sound recordings, especially since they welcome additions from the public. So, you’ve already paid $15-$30 for the Sibley and/or the NationalGeo apps, but this is definitely worth the price for the very specific California Birds, the Trees, the Butterflies…how about the Flowers? Spoil yourself to all four! We’ll compare notes in the field!

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