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Angelfest continues to threaten Sepulveda Basin Wildlife Reserve – Please Act!

April 20, 2016
Woodley Park - Not the right place for a Coachella-style mega-fest

Woodley Park – Not the right place for a Coachella-style mega-fest

Angelfest fight continues – please help.

The San Fernando Valley Audubon Society is working hard to prevent a giant music festival (called Angelfest) from damaging Woodley Park and the adjacent Sepulveda Wildlife Reserve. Thank you for signing our petition. (If you haven’t, please do.) We could really use your help to continue the fight:

Contact elected officials. (See talking points below)

  • Call Congressman Brad Sherman (818) 501-9200. His district includes the Sepulveda Basin. Sherman has a keen interest in the issue and is tallying calls. We need the most!
  • Email the Mayor’s office
  • Call City Councilmember Nury Martinez (818) 778-4999. Her district includes the Basin.
  • Your specific Congressional rep and LA City Council rep are next priorities.
  • Everyone who answers these phones is very receptive. You can just say you are against Angelfest, use our talking points, or state your own opinions. It’s really quick and painless.
  • Encourage friends, family, neighbors etc. to call, too.
Great Horned Owl mate stands guard (R. Ehler 2-13-16)

Park resident Great Horned Owl doesn’t like noisy neighbors (R. Ehler 2-13-16)

Attend the Public Meeting

  • The intent of this meeting it to convince the Army that Angelfest is wrong for Woodley Park.
  • Tentatively scheduled for May 10, 6:00 pm. SAVE THE DATE.
  • Tentative location Balboa Sports Complex near Balboa & Burbank, Encino.
  • Once we have specifics we will post and email. This meeting is being arranged by the Army Corps.
Female Belted Kingfisher - look for the cinnamon (J. Waterman 2-13-16)

Belted Kingfisher, park resident
(J. Waterman 2-13-16)

As proposed, the Angelfest event would crowd 65,000 people per day into Woodley Park for 3 days, with five stages blaring until 11 pm. Three of the five stages are within 150 feet of the Reserve. The proposed dates are October 7-9, during Fall bird migration. You can learn more about the proposed event and our objections at For background info we recommend this in-depth story from KCET.

Key talking points – or use your own!

  • Angelfest is grossly over-sized for Woodley Park and adjacent Wildlife Reserve.
  • The promoters want the Army Corps to suspend many sensible and long-standing rules regarding large crowds in the park.
  • The crowds, noise, lights and pyrotechnics are damaging to the park and its wildlife.
  • Access and enjoyment of the park will be impeded during the event’s 26-day setup and take-down period.
  • Approval by the Army would set a precedent that risks turning a peaceful verdant park into a fairgrounds.
  • The festival was planned in secrecy. Six months from media exposure to event as opposed to 38 months for the Arroyo Seco festival coming to Pasadena.

Thanks for your support! Keep sharing the petition!

The San Fernando Valley Audubon Society

[The above was distributed by San Fernando Valley Audubon Society.]
Read about our February 2016 field trip to Woodley Park.
[Chuck Almdale]

Dawn at the Sepulveda Wildlife Reserve (Joe Doherty)

Dawn at the Sepulveda Wildlife Reserve (Joe Doherty)

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