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No giant festival this year in Woodley Park!

April 22, 2016

No giant festival this year.

Dawn at the Sepulveda Wildlife Reserve (Joe Doherty)

Dawn at the Sepulveda Wildlife Reserve (Joe Doherty)

[A message from our compatriot, San Fernando Valley Audubon]

Good news. Sepulveda Wildlife Reserve gets a reprieve. Plans for Angelfest have been scrapped for October 2016. The marketing company that hoped to bring 65,000 people a day to the area surrounding the Sepulveda Wildlife Reserve has announced plans to try again next year, but of course none of the environmental concerns will be any different then. We will not resist future mega-festivals that are located in appropriate venues — but we will continue to vigorously defend the Sepulveda Reserve and the verdant ecosystem that nurtures it.

While the decision to cancel Angelfest 2016 was no doubt based on a number of considerations, there’s little doubt that the public outcry — that would be you — was an important one. If you signed & shared the petition, if you wrote or called your elected representatives, if you submitted comments to the Army Corps, if you urged your friends and neighbors to join the fight, we are enormously grateful to you. Please stay in touch with San Fernando Valley Audubon Society through our website (new one coming!) and Facebook. We’ll need you again.

We are dedicated to a better future — and more funding — for L.A.’s natural spaces. The San Fernando Valley Audubon Society will work with the community and L.A. Recreation & Parks Department to find solutions that work for everyone – including the wildlife that can’t speak for itself.

So, yes, there is still much to do. But for today, let’s rejoice. And what better way to celebrate than a bird walk at the Sepulveda Wildlife Reserve? Join SFVAS every 1st Sunday.

Thank you all for your cards, letters, calls, texts, emails, tweets, postings and whatnot against this ill-considered event.

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