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Locals Only: Will You Save a Heron Chick?

May 10, 2016

Ardea_alba_chicks,_Morro_Bay_Heron_Rookery_-_by_Mike_Baird.jpgPhoto Credit:  Mike Baird

If you live on the westside within driving  or walking distance of Marina Del Rey,  you can witness an amazing urban wildlife display  at 13900 Marquesas Way where a heron rookery of at least 30 nests stands. And a  stranded Great Egret, Snowy Egret or Black Crowned NIght Heron chick is probably in the road waiting for you to rescue it before it gets mown down by a car: something that is happening on a daily, if not hourly basis. (This morning, seven dead chicks were discovered). To save a chick, simply provide  your text number for an alert, swing by the marina (parking available), and further instructions will be provided.  Night time drive-bys are also needed. The road is small and quiet. It’s quick–it’s easy–and you’ll be saving a heron chick who would otherwise die in the street. There are people on hand to help. This is a short term act of heroism, as the chicks will fledge and leave the nest soon to go out into the world, provided they can survive today,with your help. DSCN3702.JPG

Photo Credit: Laurel Jones


Please help save the next generation  CONTACT GILDA:







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