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Science & Cinema at LMU

June 19, 2016

LMU biology + filmBiology and film students at Loyola Marymount University are pioneering a new way to communicate scientific concepts to general audiences by creating visually captivating films that are scientifically accurate.  The course is the brainchild of LMU Biology Professor Heather Watts and filmmaker Patrick Scott, an instructor with the School of Film and Television.  In this video, Dr. Watts and Scott explain their concept for “Biology, Film and Science,” and how it’s transforming the way their students learn critical interdisciplinary and interpersonal skills in the process.

Each week, teams of film and biology students tackle a new biology concept and a new film technique, and collaborate to produce a piece that is both engaging and scientifically rigorous.  The video, “Animal Movement: Science Communication with Dr. Watts & P.Scott,” shows the students actually creating their films.  As biology major Brandy Kwak said, “We spend billions of dollars on science, and it’s so important that people know about it.”

The class is held in LMU’s new Life Sciences Building, which was built on the design principle of erasing the barriers between academic disciplines.  I’d say they have succeeded.

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