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Just in time! Saturday’s hike and bird!

March 8, 2017

Northern Flicker Red-shafted x Yellow-shafted (J. Kenney 11/26/12)

Hikers All! What better place in
the Santa Monica Mountains than  L.A.’s backyard wilderness? Trippet Ranch in Topanga State Park!

We will explore there this  Saturday March 11th.

Trippet Ranch in Topanga S.P. (L. Plauzoles 2/20/14)

Trippet Ranch in Topanga S.P. (L. Plauzoles 2/20/14)

Meet at the Trippet Ranch parking lot in Topanga State Park at 8:00 AM! (Early, since Daylight Savings Time only begins the following night.) Our weather has encouraged many bird species to decide to breed here. However, what makes me optimistic is the first fill of the Trippet Ranch Pond in more than eight years.

Let’s see what a few days’ rain does for this environment. We can’t expect to see blooming spring flowers yet, but we should have a good chance to spot at least 3 woodpecker species.

Our walk will be about 2 miles, with up to a 300-foot elevation gain/loss and plenty of opportunities to cut back for a shorter hike. Wear solid walking shoes and long pants to protect against ticks. Bring water, a  proper, birder-like  floppy-style hat, and bathe in sunscreen. Since some of the trails are going to be moist, walking sticks are recommended–I will bring at least 5 extras. Weather report says it will top 75 F before noon, so dress in layers.

Directions: To reach the Trippet Ranch parking lot (State Parks pass or $10 fee) turn off Topanga Canyon Road on to Entrada Road, 4.7 mi. from PCH. This is about a hundred meters pas the Old School Road signal light. As you climb up Entrada, bear left twice and make a hard left to enter the park (a little over 1 mile total). Keep an eye out for signage. Desperate to not pay the parks for parking? Do a careful U-turn before the last left and park on the downward side of the road, then walk in to the park (approx. 20 minutes).

Weather: Looks promising for ideal walking weather; keep checking for blog updates or call Lu at 310.395.6235.

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