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Be a Better Birder: How to Identify Bird Songs

April 14, 2017

You’ve just stepped outside and there’s an unfamiliar chirping nearby.  A quick look around and there is no bird in sight, but the song keeps coming.  Frustratingly, you have no idea who is singing.  On top of that, you hear a bunch of other birds in the distance.

That’s why The Cornell Lab of Ornithology is offering this unique self-paced course on how to listen to bird songs in their natural soundscapes, with tips and tricks for learning to identify them.  You’ll watch field clips of birds singing, and then learn to recognize them in context with the Bird Song Spotlight tool.  Try a free sample lesson to learn how it works.  Also included for free with the price of the course is the Cornell Guide to Bird Sounds, featuring the most common songs and calls of 729 North American species — sent to you as 1,379 mp3 files to play in the car or at home.

Early bird pricing is $49.99 if you sign up before the course starts on April 24.  Regular price is $59.99

If you’ve ever wanted to keep your brain young by learning a “foreign language,” this is your chance!
[Jane Beseda]



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