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June 11, 2017

Lu Plauzoles with Korinna Domingo, at SMC Scholarship event. June11, 2017

I spent part of the afternoon with Korinna Domingo, our latest Santa Monica College recipient of the SMBAS Norma Foster Scholarship. As a result, I have come away even more impressed with the community college system. Korinna, a number of years from high school, is transferring to Humboldt State University to study Wildlife Management and Conservation. It has not been an easy path for her as a first-gen college student and she has strong dedication to her major, having experienced the arduous field work of a conservation biologist in tracking felines in the Verdugo Hills. If you, as I do, feel we should add to her scholarship for September, please feel free to click the little donate button to the right of this post or go to her GoFundMe site:(copy and paste this link) HTTP://TINYURL.COM/GT6CNHX


Lu Plauzoles

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