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Addendum – Genetic Testing Goes Mainstream

July 22, 2018

Among the readership responses and inquiries to our 7/11/18 post Genetic Testing Goes Mainstream, was this one from G. Moriarty:

Thanks for this very useful guide to some genetic testing options. One aspect that is not addressed is the security of the information garnered. Are there privacy considerations to be aware of?

I thought this an excellent question but had no answer. I just discovered that Science News has two additional articles (and probably more) addressing this issue, published online only. They are listed below and I have now added them to the original posting. [Chuck Almdale]

Privacy and Consumer Genetic Testing Don’t Always Mix
Protections are spotty at best and vary by testing company.
Writer: Cassie Martin
Published online by Science News 6/5/18

Why Using Genetic Genealogy to Solve Crimes Could Pose Problems
Some worry that authorities could violate people’s rights using the method.
Writer: Tina Hesman Saey
Published online by Science News 6/7/18


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