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You’ve Heard of a Murder of Crows. How About a Crow Funeral? | Deep Look Video

October 15, 2018

They may be dressed in black, but crow funerals aren’t the solemn events that we hold for our dead. These birds cause a ruckus around their fallen friend. Are they just scared, or is there something deeper going on?

This is another installment of the PBS Deep Look series; this installment is adapted from the “It’s OK to be Smart” series. If no film or link appears in this email, go to the blog to view it by clicking on the blog title above. If the film stops & starts in an annoying manner, press pause (lower left double bars ||) to let it buffer and get ahead of you.   [Chuck Almdale]

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  1. Steve Shaw permalink
    October 15, 2018 9:20 am

    What a great insight…. studying Ravens in the desert…hope to see similar things.


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