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Eagle Lays Egg

February 17, 2019

Have your little ones been pestering you with “Where do babies come from, Mommy/Daddy?”

If you think they’re ready for lesson one about the birds and the bees, and you want to start with the birds (bee reproduction can get really tricky to explain, what with all those sisters happily working for mom, and no men in sight) look no further.

Plop them down in from of the computer screen and let them read this. If the text is a little difficult, read it to them.
This comes from those friendly folks at The Raptor Resource Project.

Don’t forget to start the video of the eagle laying an egg so it buffers. It’s 34 minutes long. HINT: Start it at 6 minutes in. Nothing happens until then, when the bird is alerted by a car driving by.

HINT #2: If you looking for something that includes “Mommy and Daddy Eagle love each other very much, so they’ve decided to have a baby!” this is quite definitely NOT it.

This is technical stuff. Very likely they’ll never ask you for another explanation on anything.

You’re welcome. No gifts please. Virtue is its own reward.
[Chuck Almdale]

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