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Los Padres Poo-Poo Project Peaks, Payments Pour In

June 1, 2019

You remember the Poo-Poo Project? Of course you do!
Their $2400 GoFundMe goal was met
All the pit toilet vent pipes in Los Padres National Forest will be screened

This solid beastie from the Teton Raptor Project keeps any and all birds out of the pit toilet vents.

Jeri Edwards joyfully updated me today with the news that in one month, 45 people kicked in the full $2400. Now the work of installing the screens (see above) on the vent pipes of all the pit toilets in Los Padres National Forest can begin.

She thanks Santa Monica Bay Audubon Society for publicizing this GoFundMe campaign and for our readers who shared their hard-earned dollars to benefit the forest’s cavity-nesting birds. Thank you, thank you.

We’ll keep you posted as work proceeds and/or is completed.
Many thanks to all for your interest and for your donations.
[Chuck Almdale]

(Northern Pygmy Owl, photo taken in Los Padres National Forest, by Jeri Edwards)


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