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Poo-Poo Project – The Penultimate Report

August 3, 2019

Alicia Sanchez Scott, activist Jeri Edwards and poo-poo screen (L-R)

You remember the Poo-Poo Project? Of course you do!
Their $2400 GoFundMe goal was met
All the pit toilet vent pipes in Los Padres National Forest will be screened

Here’s a heartwarming update from Jeri Edwards:

Here’s a really neat story of how the final amount of money was donated to reach my goal.  Because of your enthusiasm and willingness to post my campaign, someone in your chapter [SMBAS] who loves owls forwarded the posts to the president of the Pomona Valley Audubon chapter.  I didn’t even think to contact that chapter because they aren’t in close proximity to Los Padres National Forest. But, when the president of the chapter saw the campaign, she recognized me because we met up here along the Central Coast and went on a short informal birding walk.

This solid beastie from the Teton Raptor Project keeps any and all birds out of the pit toilet vents.

She also thought the campaign was a great way to raise awareness among the chapter members as to the vulnerability of pipes to cavity-nesters and a worthy cause.  So she approached the board with my campaign and right on the spot they elected to send a sizable donation, and my goal was reached!

But there’s more. Since becoming aware of the problem in our national forests and public lands, they are in contact with The Teton Raptor Center because they want to make sure all the pit toilets in all their neighboring national forests are covered.  That’s wildlife advocate passion in action!!

So see what spark you lit when you posted?  I hope you don’t get tired of me saying thank you.

I’m meeting with the screen installation coordinator once he receives the screens and I’ll get back to you as to the timeline of completion of installation.

Note: A few days later Jeri updated me that she met with Alicia Sanchez Scott of the Santa Lucia LPNF district office, and Alicia indicated all the screens will be installed by September.

I think kudos and a big thank-you to Pomona Valley Audubon Society are definitely in order. And another thank-you and the Very Sharp Thinking Award of the Month to our owl-loving unknown chapter-member. Should any person or organization agree that this is a worthy cause, the Teton Raptor Center will probably accept additional donations.
[Chuck Almdale]

(Northern Pygmy Owl, photo taken in Los Padres National Forest, by Jeri Edwards)

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