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Rockjumper’s twelve best birds of 2019

December 23, 2019

Blood Pheasant – January 2019 Rockjumper Bird-of-the-Month (David Hoddinott, Rockjumper)

Rockjumper, based in South Africa is one of the larger bird tour companies in the world, and every year they have dozens of trips going just about everywhere. I’ve never traveled with them, for no particular reason, but I know many who have and the reports have always been good, with the occasional rave review.

What I do personally know and like about them is their Bird-of-the-Month emails (you can subscribe on this link – monthly birds overlap slightly with the best twelve birds). The photos are always great – often so stunning that your ears may smoke and spin – and come with always-interesting information about the bird, plus the usual advertising for their bird tours, one or more of which just may be going to look for this particular bird. Clever, eh?

So this year they did something new (to me) and have their Twelve Best Birds of 2019, each picked by one of their field trip leaders for their own personal reasons. It’s a great photo show, and you can test your bird knowledge by guessing what the species is, and in some cases, what the family is. Or just drool over the species and the photo. I got three species right and 4.5 families wrong. I’m telling you that not so that you’ll write in and tell me how many you got right or wrong, but just to let you know that the right answers aren’t always obvious.
[Chuck Almdale]


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