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King Tides this Weekend

January 8, 2020

Photo: Complements of the California Coastal Commission

For those of you who live right on the coast, or for anyone who is interested in watching others’ houses wash away, this is the King Tide weekend of the year.

This site has lots of interesting information. Apparently people like to get together and watch the big ones roll in and suck away the beach furniture.

You can join in, sign up, and send them photos of the high water crashing in and personal possessions vanishing out to sea.

Here’s a link to a map of the entire California coast (right now, anyway – who knows what it’ll look like next week).

It has a lot of red markers. Zoom in and click a marker for that locale’s high tide data. For example, the marker for Santa Monica says:

Santa Monica
Jan. 10, 2020
high time / height: 8:13 AM / 6.60 ft.
low time / height: 3:33 PM / -1.41 ft.
Jan. 11, 2020
high time / height: 8:53 AM / 6.67 ft.
low time / height: 4:13 PM / -1.47 ft.
Jan. 12, 2020
high time / height: 9:36 AM / 6.53 ft.
low time / height: 4:54 PM / -1.35 ft.

But if you sleep through this weekend’s King Tides, don’t fret.
They’ll be back on February 8 and 9.

Feb. 8, 2020
high time / height: 8:04 AM / 6.60 ft.
low time / height: 3:12 PM / -1.58 ft.
Feb. 9, 2020
high time / height: 8:46 AM / 6.66 ft.
low time / height: 3:49 PM / -1.56 ft.

All kidding aside, people better get used to this sort of event.
They’re being brought to you complements of Climate Change.
[Chuck Almdale]


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