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The Revisit of the Return of The Daughter of the Bride of the Son of the Far Side

January 28, 2020

About five weeks ago we mentioned that Gary Larson was posting old cartoons on his new Far Side website.

That’s still true, and I for one check it daily for old favorites and ones I somehow missed when they first appeared decades ago.

As part of the website he has created small collections of themed cartoons: Horses are hard to draw, Anthropomorphism, Pets and other animals, and so on. Today (Tues. 1-28-20) there appeared a new one: Odd Ducks, Common Loons. Created espressly (as some say) for we birders. We few! We brave, beleaguered and obsessed few!

He gives you two theme collections every day, but irregularly changes the choice.

Check it out.
[Chuck Almdale]

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