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Eleven COVID-19 Information Sites

March 29, 2020

Interesting, useful and (mostly) daily updated sites, in no particular order.
As the novel Coronavirus outbreak will be one of the major events of the first half of this century, we’ll post about it from time to time when we find something interesting and useful while trying to avoid stupidity, insanity and baloney.
[Chuck Almdale]

How Much Do You Really Know About Coronavirus?
Should you wear a face mask? Can you catch the virus from your dog? Put your Covid-19 knowledge to the test.
By Jason Gale
A Quiz. Eleven Questions.
Not updated daily

New York Times: The Lost Month: How A Failure to Test Blinded the U.S. to Covid-19
By Michael D. Shear, Abby Goodnough, Sheila Kaplan, Sheri Fink, Katie Thomas and

Our World In Data – Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Statistics and Research
by Max Roser, Hannah Ritchie and Esteban Ortiz-Ospina
Extensive discussion and visualizations (some interactive)
Updated daily

Our World In Data – Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) The Data
by Max Roser and Hannah Ritchie
More than 40 visualizations on the pandemic
Link corrected 3/29/19
Updated daily

European Center for Disease Prevention and Control
An Agency of the European Union
Updated daily

California Department of Public Health:
Ages and genders of confirmed cases, hospitalizations of confirmed & suspected cases, fatalities.

Los Angeles County COVID-19 Dashboard:
Known cases, deaths & recovered for Local Cities, County, State, USA & World

Johns Hopkins COVID-19 Dashboard
Numbers for world, all nations, U.S. States & Counties. Charts, news & information. Lots to look at.

Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CVC) COVID-19 page:
U.S. and states numbers. I think the Johns Hopkins site is better.

Mapping the Coronavirus Outbreak Across the World
Bloomberg News
Updated daily (probably)

Tracking the Spread of the Coronavirus Outbreak in the U.S.
Bloomberg News
Updated daily (probably)

Either Bloomberg Site above will list many additional articles.

According to this chart the U.S. is now worse than China and got there more rapidly than Italy and Spain.
Bloomberg News – Mapping the Coronavirus Outbreak Across the World


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