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How to Stop Overthinking Everything | PBS BrainCraft Video

April 20, 2020

Vanessa Says:
“Overthinking” is often reported as being a bad habit and is frequently used interchangeably with rumination. But overthinking isn’t necessarily bad and rumination is just one type of overthinking. Overthinking is an umbrella term for lots of different thought processes – beneficial things like emotional processing, problem solving, mind wandering and then not-so-beneficial things like rumination and worry. This video includes some tips (starting at 3:26) for how to stop rumination or just overthinking in general – I overthink a lot and while it’s not ruminating and may have some problem-solving benefits, I still find it limits my focus.

This is an installment of the PBS – BrainCraft series created by Vanessa Hill. If no film or link appears in this email, go to the blog to view it by clicking on the blog title above. If the film stops & starts in an annoying manner, press pause (lower left double bars ||) to let it buffer and get ahead of you.  [Chuck Almdale]

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