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Ultra-Rare Dwarf Kingfisher Fledgling Photographed for the Very First Time

April 21, 2020

All eight photos by: Miguel De Leon | Article by: Mario Alvaro Limos | Esquire – Mar 13, 2020

From the article:

This bird has eluded scientists for the last 130 years
The South Philippine Dwarf Kingfisher (Ceyx mindanensis) was first described 130 years ago during the Steere Expedition to the Philippines in 1890.  The bird is the tiniest species of forest kingfisher in the Philippines, and is characterized by its striking plumage of metallic lilac, orange, and bright blue spots.

Link to article and more photos

Article distributed by The Western Foundation of Vertebrate Zoology
The Western Foundation of Vertebrate Zoology would like to share with you articles and information that we hope will help lift your spirits during these difficult times.
Our best to you, and your loved ones!

Of the world’s 118 species of kingfisher, 85 of them live in Asia and Australasia. North and South America combined have a whopping total of 7 species. Even the diminutive Solomon Islands in the southwest Pacific have 8 species. If you want to see spectacular kingfishers like this one, you have to travel.
[Chuck Almdale]

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