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Piper at the Sunset Gates

May 11, 2020

Andrew McGregor has played the bagpipes for more than two years now. When the coronavirus hit and safer at home initiatives were enacted, he wanted to do something for his neighborhood. Nightly, he goes to a fenced off area in Palisades Park to play ‘Amazing Grace.’ He chose the song, because it captures all the emotion of this uncertain time, he says.

The sun then bids farewell to sunny Southern California, and softly passes through the gates of night.
[Chuck Almdale]

Santa Monica Bagpiper Gets People Through Rough Waters With ‘Amazing Grace’
Huffpost, by Mary Papenfuss, May 11, 2020
Andrew McGregor is “doing his best to give the people anything they can grab onto,” said a neighbor.

The Los Angeles Times Story:
Bagpiper’s nightly coronavirus serenade sounds a mournful yet hopeful note in Santa Monica parkHailey Branson-Potts,May 10, 2020
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You’ll notice, in the video below, that while many are wearing their mandatory masks, many are not. About 45% of all COVID-19 transmissions are by people who are pre-symptomatic (infected and infectious but not yet showing symptoms) or asymptomatic (infected and infectious but will never show symptoms). Short of staying home, masks are your best protection against infecting others.

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