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Night (and day) at the Museum

May 14, 2020

The Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County
has created a portal for the stuck-at-home.

From their website:
We invite you to explore natural and cultural wonders: safely and digitally from home.

Think social distancing with dinosaurs and mammoths, and connecting with nature and community science right outside your own door. The museums want to know: What Blows Your Mind? Connect with inspiring educators, scientists and each other for virtual adventures. Access rich school curriculum and activities to do with your family at home. Participate in exciting crowd-sourced science and social media campaigns. This month, NHMLAC Connects is spotlighting bugs and butterflies.

From NHMLAC website

They have the following activities.

Bug Out With Us
Those shiny, spiky, and furry creatures zipping and buzzing all around us are glorious beings with interesting bios. Introducing Spiky, Hairy, Shiny: Insects of L.A., Bug Fair Is On The Horizon!, Itsy-Bitsy Made Big

Walk On The Wild Side
Nature Comes Home, Celebrate Nature in L.A., There’s Climate History at the Bottom of the Ocean, What Just Flew By My Window?, Owl About Odin

For Families
Spiders, Insects, Snails, Fossil & Dinosaur Puppets, Coloring and more

For Teachers
iNaturalist, BioSCAN Nightwatch kit, RASCals, Butterflies, Slime, Slugs and Squirrels

Out In Los Angeles
Diorama Challenge, Your Story Matters, Ellen Soo Moon, Message from a Bottle, Ladies on the Black Lagoon, A Mural Remembers L.A., Sewing for the Gold, L.A.’s Street Trees, Hollywood Found a Home, The Stories behind L.A.’s Street Names

Global Adventures
The Ant-decapitating Fly, Netting Specimens in Costa Rica, From Giant Ground Sloths to Fossil Poop, Humans on the Move, My Dinosaur Dig, Woolly Rhino Fossil with Xiaoming Wang, Meet our Polar Explorer

We have over 35 million specimens in our collections, including dino bones, colorful birds, and bits of L.A. History. Most of those treasures are behind the scenes! Take a peek inside our hidden museum worlds.

Behind the Scenes at NMH
Skype a Scientist, A Fossilized Turtle Revealed, Our Pollinator Meadow, Time-traveling Marine Biologist, Birds of a Feather, and more

Behind the Scenes at the Tar Pits
Our Rich Digs, Prehistoric Plants Unlock Ice Age Secrets, Bats Living at the Tar Pits, Mammoths, Sloths and more

Behind the Scenes at the Hart
Lizards, Shields, Games, Bison, William S. Hart, A Cowboy’s Collection

MindBlown at Home
Animal Care, Digging into Dinosaurs, Creatures, our Plesiosaur and other employees

[Chuck Almdale]


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