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Oxpeckers and other Birds in the News

May 17, 2020

Birds in Science News Magazine, to be specific.

Here’s four recent articles.
1. Hitchhiking oxpeckers warn endangered rhinos when people are nearby
Black rhinos responded to the birds’ alarm calls by becoming vigilant
By Gloria Dickie. April 9, 2020

2. A naturalist writes an homage to bird migration
Ken Kaufmann’s new book, A Season on the Wind, shares observations of the passage of birds through northwestern Ohio.
By Diana Steele. January 17, 2020

3. ‘Wonderchicken’ is the earliest known modern bird at nearly 67 million years old
The animal is a common ancestor of today’s ducks and chickens
By Carolyn Gramling. March 18, 2020

4. Seabirds may find food at sea by flying in a massive, kilometers-wide arc
Radar shows that groups of birds can form a giant, coordinated line over the ocean’s surface
By Jake Buehler. April 13, 2020

And another about our clever and manually dexterous ancestors. Are you surprised?

5. This is the oldest known string. It was made by a Neandertal
A cord fragment was found clinging to a stone tool at a French archaeological site
By Bruce Bower April 9, 2020

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