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Chicks on Display at Malibu Lagoon

June 19, 2020

A few weeks ago we reported on our two-person trip to Malibu on 5-22-20. Among our sightings were four – maybe as many as six – Canada Goose goslings. Photographer Chris Tosdevin was there a few days earlier and recorded five goslings, plus another very interesting bird. See below.  [Chuck Almdale]

Canada goose with five goslings in tow (C. Tosdevin 5-18-20)


Canada goose goslings (C. Tosdevin 5-18-20)

And here’s the “other interesting bird.”

Yes! Killdeer can swim at a very young age (C. Tosdevin 5-18-20)


Killdeer chick wading at lagoon’s edge (C. Tosdevin 5-18-20)


Killdeer chick drying off in the sun (C. Tosdevin 5-18-20)

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