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while passing through a duck one day…

July 7, 2020

…in the merry merry month of May…

Bufflehead male (Joyce Waterman 12-9-17)

Fish Eggs Can Survive a Journey Through Both Ends of a Duck

A new study finds some eggs remain viable even after being eaten and pooped out by waterfowl
Smithsonian Magazine |
By Alex Fox | July 2, 2020

In lakes and pools that appear physically cut off from other bodies of water, fish sometimes seem to materialize out of nowhere. This somewhat mystical sounding theory might not be far off: a new study suggests fish eggs may simply fall from the sky. In experiments, some fish eggs hatched after being pooped out by ducks, suggesting that feathered flight could facilitate seemingly immaculate piscine invasions, reports Priyanka Runwal for Audubon.


Maybe that’s how those minnows got into your backyard inflatable kiddy pool.
[Chuck Almdale]

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